Woman: Inspire Inclusion, International Woman’s Day, 2024

Yes, I am a beautiful woman,

And I may look docile,

I’ve got a brain that is 

Strong enough to

Give wings to my dreams.

Pretty Woman

Yes, I am a pretty lady,

But don’t try to overpower me

My self-esteem and dignity

Are above any degree and 

I don’t compromise with it.

Yes, I am a woman with

A bossy attitude. 

Why shouldn’t I?

I have those qualities,

Many people dream of having.

Yes, I am an astute lady,

I can say ‘No’ with

Intact eye-contact

As I don’t opt for 

A ‘yes’ for a firm ‘No.’

Yes, I am a real woman,

And I love drama, I love

Being loved and pampered

I love to have attention.

I love being the priority.

Yes, I am a woman who

Adore her family, her peers,

And acquainted people.

And this is the motivation, 

That everyone needs.


Yes, I am a woman of substance

With high standards beneath

All the hustle and bustle

In my life, to make it

Classy and worthy.

Yes, I am a badass woman,

Though I cry, I sob,

 I feel weepy, I feel low,

 In many ways while

Going ahead with my goals.

Yes, I am an educated woman,

I may be illiterate, but

I am not to be mal-treated

I am way vital for everyone

And I am not a burden on anyone.


Yes, I am a woman with good

Memory and calculative prowess

I can never forgive a mistreatment

And I can’t even forget my

Honor in any circumstances.

Yes, I am an empowered woman,

I earn, I spend, I pay my bills

I bear my expenses.

I can look after myself,

My family and my circle.

Yes, I am a down-to-earth woman,

Daily behavior starting with

Re-set, Re-start, Re-focus,

Re-adjust, Re-think,

And finally, Re-go.

Yes, I am a woman who is 

Pro in terms of intelligence

From the ‘Cumin’ to ‘Madam Curie’

I do have a vast range of knowledge,

And, yes, I can stand for myself.

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