Smile. A unique way to communicate, coordinate, and celebrate without any words.

Welcome to the modern world full of drama,full of emotion flow and full of unfulfilled desires.

Here is a twist in the tale – we all are facing too much in the mental,psychological and physical front just because of our urge to excel in whatever field we are opting for.

In the race of being ahead of our peers ,we forget about ourselves and sometimes we feel stressed ,we feel drained ,we feel hatred – with an overflow of negative emotions we actually forget to smile.

A simple smile… A simple facial expression…. Not in a grin ,neither in to pretend…. A smile is able to surprise you when put on genuinely.A smile is able to part the distance between two antagonists ,A smile is what we need most in this time when every other person tries to copy the famous ‘Angry young man’ look.

Chemistry behind the power of smile –

Smile freely ,smile intensely ,smile intentionally – brain releases neuropeptides, dopamine serotonin, endorphins and cortisol – hormones that help to boost the mind, mood and mental peace.

Cortisol helps in managing blood pressure.

Serotonin acts as an antidepressant.

Neuropeptides help to fight stress.

Endorphins acts as a pain reliever.

Dopamine helps in being happy.

Science supports the smile and the reason having a smile on face.

The moment you smile genuinely (a smile can be deceiving ,a smile may indicate your pain ,your dismay ,your trouble ,your sadness,your sign to hide embarrassment for instances) the facial contraction sends message to the brain ,activating the Orbito-Frontal cortex part of it ,the activated cortex processes sensory rewards i,e; one feel rewarded when smile in happiness.

Every smile will lead to another smile.

It’s a fact that a smile is highly contagious.

Once I was visiting my brother’s family and during a fine evening walk with my eight year old nephew I saw a little boy riding on his tricycle and on seeing my smiling face he not only smiled at me he even waved his hand and said a lovely hello.

Now my nephew was like ,’Bua (aunt) ,do you know him?’

I said ,’No,I am new in this city.’

My nephew ,’Then why did you smile at him and why did he waved his hand and said hello ?’

Me ,’ I don’t know.I was just smiling and he responded to my smile.You also can try this.’

The rest of the walk we were smiling without any reason and to my bro’s surprise he returned happy and elated.

So this is a real story that is not merely a story but a lesson learnt for my nephew.

However be careful as misreading a smile can bring confusion among two persons.

Love the smile : The Mona Lisa way

Artists all over the world try to capture the smiling face not only in humans but also in animals in different circumstances.

And the best smile captured till date belongs to Mona Lisa by Leonardo daVinchi.

The 1508 painting is famous for the mysteriously captured smile on the muse Mona Lisa , it is strangely magical and though the facial expression is gentle ,the eyes ,curious eyes are indicating some other feelings and when you read the real story of Mona Lisa the anatomy of a beautiful smile will take you to the sense of plights behind the lovely smile.

Hide and seek : the smile.

According to some research ,the average woman smiles about 62 times a day as compared to just 8 smiles a day by an average man.

Hide your feelings behind a fake smile or just forget to smile, or smile honestly – the choice is yours because the fast-paced world is already giving setbacks and stress to every other person, the rise of intolerance, and more precisely the rise of cases of mental illness – we actually need to work on our mental health, work on our schedules and work ethics, work on our emotional needs and it is needless to say that we need honest environment around us.

Smile has a day totally dedicated to it.

India has her own smile day celebrated on June 15 every year.

The first Friday of October is celebrated as World smile day.

 This year the World Smile day is on 6th of October and its theme is “ Do an act of kindness, help one person smile” and ” Radiate Joy.”

Love to smile – Flaunt the smile.

There are a lot of things that are out of control in the current scenario.

There are serious concerns regarding the urbanization,modernisation and loss of humanistic approaches in our attitudes.

As a world community, we need to conserve, preserve, and serve humanity with an eye on maintaining harmony, and of course, we need to smile, we have to smile and we should smile.

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