I ’Me…,my life…my worth – A Woman’s plight

I am just nobody in the life of everybody

None has to be besides me but me..

I must be besides them always 

Yes , this is my life as a nobody.

I shouldn’t show any of my emotions 

But I’ve to carry other’s commotions

No right to express myself anywhere

I’ve to endure others – right or wrong

To place my own space, I look everywhere

But alas, I fail to even trace myself

While helping others in their lives

I am unable to do even a bit for me

Encouraging everyone is what m assigned for

But in lieu I can’t expect anything in return

In due course I’ve to in sheer dark ,but

I’ve to enlighten myself to light others’ paths.

I am nothing but ‘ve to contribute in everything

No matter how much I feel bad for myself

Whatever vast I do, such a little felt my presence is

I matter not in anyone’s life that is meant for me.

And here is the twist of the tale of twig,

I might be treated as a subordinate,

Maybe I am too prone to be ignored.

I am vital for everyone,

I symbolize completeness

I am the epitome of nature,

I am the synonym of love

In this selfish world.

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