In an age of intense social media interconnectedness, why serious mental problems are a real concern?

Mental Health Awareness Month, 2024

With several mental health-related incidents around us, can anyone go away with a poker face about the stresses that life offers either unwillingly or unknowingly?

Recently, one of my close relatives, who works in a nationalized bank, called me and told me he is considering leaving his job. And the reason that he cited was way usual. In the morning, someone in a higher position scolded him about the pace of work at the bank branch where he is currently posted.

Under immense pressure to cope with the situation, many working people find it difficult to manage their ‘work-life’ while keeping their physical and mental health balanced.

This is not limited to the working folks. The same principle is relevant to everyone, whether students, homemakers, or anyone else.

People have now started understanding Mental health and its upkeeping.

With a long list of social media platforms within our reach, lucky are those who remain unperturbed by the toxicity of these SM podiums. Toxicity is not limited to us as an entity, it contaminates every other area.

Those were the days of simpler things, simpler lifestyles, simpler desires, and more simple general behavior, and the extraordinary impact of any achievement made us more practical.

And now are days when the never-ending wishes are captivating the minds, thus harming the rhyme of the mind with body, eventually stumbling one thing over another.

Ridiculing mental health issues in general is just keeping things vague and difficult.

In the age of AI, we are becoming an artificial entity.

Our journey from primitive humans to entering the epoch of Artificial intelligence is way greater than the word ‘Amazing’.

In every remarkable term, we procured irreversible but revolutionary evolution.

The worst evolution of humans is gradually diminishing humanity.

The social standard is getting worse with time. 

I still remember when I used to write in my social studies papers ‘ Man is a social animal’. 

With so many social media dais, uninterrupted superpower internet services, and so many apps installed in our tiny cellphones, even then we are heading to be called an ‘Unsocial animal’ without any doubts.

If statistics published in 2022 are to be believed, then one out of four people are suffering from some kind of mental illness at some point in their lives.

Don’t be surprised, this is as true as our existence.

Instead of opting for constructive and universe-friendly steps, humans are tuning with severe destructive steps, thus harming the entire ecosystem. The more surprising fact is that the more power you have, the more you enjoy the uncalled authority to destroy social uniformity.

In either case, whether you are the victim or the culprit, in both conditions, the only constant is mental illness.

Imperfectly asymmetric human life-

Mood disorder, psychotic disorder, personality disorder, eating disorder, sleep disorder, impulse control disorder, substance disorder, relational disorder, cognitive disorder, developmental disorder – There are over 200 mental health disorders. There is no doubt that a large number of people suffer from some form of mental illness at some stage in their lives.

So the imperfect life pattern results in numerous sleepless nights and troubled days.

Monetary gain or loss affects our mental health, but at the same time, we can remind ourselves that this may be a temporary phase and that overcoming financial loss is easier than we think.

With a momentary pause button with our daily chores, we are not opting astray, we are looking for peace, we are seeking the mind-body balance, we are searching ourselves in the woods of thoughts.

Medical treatments can cure physical ailments, but what about mental illnesses that are invisible and sometimes inaudible?

The darkness of a room can be easily removed but it is difficult to remove the darkness of the psyche.

Inaffeble mental problems can’t be seen as a trivial issue. These are detrimental. These discourage our ability, destroy our affinity, and make us vulnerable in our world.

 “Social media trolling is getting worse with time. It is damaging our society. The harmful effects of online harassment and negativity are clear, resulting in our collective downfall.”

We need compassionate behavior toward ourselves

Without gaining mastery over one’s mind, inner peace will always be out of reach. And without inner peace, true happiness will remain beyond grasp.

  • If you love somebody, then show it.
  • If you care for somebody, then show your love for it.
  • If you support somebody, then try to listen to the silence.
  • If you want to be with somebody, respect their presence with all their flaws and qualities.
  • If you can’t hear a distressed echo, keep a mum, this will be enough for the other side.
  • If you want respect from others then learn to respect them also.
  • Anger engulfs the senses. Don’t take it out on yourself or others if you get angry.
  • If you don’t understand the seriousness of personal trauma, don’t make fun of it.
  • Mocking a person for physical appearance kills the essence of humanity.
  • It is foolish to compare two differently categorized individuals under the same parameters.
  • The tendency to control and manage everything as per your wish increases the distance between your near and dear ones.
  • Liking or loving something does not allow you to harm your sanity or that of others.
  • Financial richness doesn’t make you above humanity.
  • It is unacceptable to insult someone unnecessarily.
  • Nagging into others’ matters or poking your nose everywhere will not make you what you should, but this behavior results in stressful relationships.
  • It is okay to pamper your children, but ignoring their mistakes will not help them become good citizens.

We are humans, right?

If you want to move forward then you don’t need to move forward by pushing people around you.

Everyone has their share of talents, choices, and methods, besides, there is nothing like ‘Perfect’ in the human race.

Every student can’t be Newton or Einstein. 

A skilled computer programmer can perform brilliantly on stage, but cannot surpass the natural talent of a born dancer.

Richness is not always about your material possessions, if you don’t behave humanely, no one will love you no matter how much you want to spend.

If your thinking does not let you spread your wings genuinely, with a swallow and narrow perception, you might also be the reason for stress for yourself and your community.

“The current state of humanity is directly connecting the missing threads of mental health issues, and the reality is that it is becoming deadlier than anyone can imagine. This represents the darker side of society, leading individuals to the brink of inhumanity.”

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