A poetic view on the condition of girls.


A hapless sweet lass

Just wanting to save herself

A naïve and literally a ‘no-one’

Just trying to hide from 

The prying four eyes

In the harsh hard 

Roads of life.


Becomes a prey

To the snoopy eyes

In a judgmental society

Those four eyes of society

Are stalking her deliberately

The poor helpless girl

Following her since 

Her childhood

The beautiful creation of God,

The innocent childhood,

The love-seeking soul,

But here’s the twisted tale

Of a girl, devoid of normalcy

Perhaps sniffing the irony

Perhaps sensing the mentality

Perhaps budging over her safety

The gullible Gracey girl

Trying too hard 

For her mental and 

Physical wellbeing

With as much as possible

She is trying to put

Herself out of sight.

Under her petite smile

Trying to conceal her fears

But unfortunately-

Unwanted people come into

Her way, by pretending to be 

Her usher, so many

people, so untoward,

So manipulative

And unsuspecting demure,

The little soul

Trying to cope with the 

Hardships that she doesn’t own,

 Crossroads and her existence

She, an earthy soul

Tries to have an

Escaping route to

Safeguard herself

Poor girl, so much suffering

Thinking hard keeps on thinking

Trying hard to find her path

Again and again 

Striving to get her identity

And there into the ‘No-man-land’

She starts diving deep

And loses her hold

And with ‘No hope’

Symbol she silently

Gets an undeserving silence

A little pretty innocent

Soul, meeting her 

Unfortunate, uncalculated ending.

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