History is not just about history. It is our finest tryst with conjoined destiny.

The most surprising event of life is life itself, a panorama full of different turns, cycles, and outcomes. One has to update the present according to the past to facilitate the future, this is History, an incredibly inclusive way of life.

There are zillions of incidents in our day-to-day lives where we simply conclude that we will remember this particular moment in the future.

Yesterday when I was reading one of my old notebooks, I came across the accidental invention of a tiny safety pin.

Walter Hunt, an American mechanical engineer, was thinking of a way to pay back a $ 15 debt. He was sitting at his desk twirling a piece of wire while trying to find out how to pay back his debt. He incidentally invented Safety Pin and then sold the patent right of the safety pin to the person he owed $ 15.

World has many inventions that are by-products of inventors’ sudden actions and sometimes unconscious reactions.

From fire to wheels, from nails to paper and printing press, from electricity and light bulbs to steam engines, from dynamite to nuclear weapons, History doesn’t belong to inventions only.

As I quoted earlier about my old notebook, in the end, this is one of the live documents reflecting my past interests and habits.

That is History.

 One can have a multitude of past life stories.

Some accidental inventions and incidents can be a part of History.

There are companies with outstanding performance and struggled past to reach this position.

History is not always about the past. History is not just a subject in our curriculum.

History is not merely an uninteresting subject at the school level, Historians who try their level best to encapsulate the exact incidents datewise, authors, who work, rework, and then compile an inclusive version of past events, and people with negligible concern about history – history matters for all in any cases.

History is never antiquated, because humanity is always fundamentally the same.

                                                                                   Walter Rauschenbusch

An institution can have a brilliant history to impress the new batch, a company can have an illustrious history, a book can have historical importance, and even a family can have a rich legacy.

Summarising History or the olden days was never been easy even when it was described by Megasthenes, Fa-Hien, or Huyen Trang, it was never easy for an author to write about History.

Civilization in this world itself is a panorama, a theatrical saga full of many incidents that are beyond explanation, marred by arrogance and ambition, results of some of them were so drastic, whereas many incidents are extreme examples of humanity.

There are stories of beautiful love and affection, there are stories of extreme hatred, stories of myths and reality, war and devotion, care and callousness – History is hard to categorize.

Milestones of past events are commendable sometimes and many are inexorable from the human point of view.

Humanity is the vital factor of development, above any kind of competency and singularity.

For the betterment of civilization, History is a deciding factor.

History is a method to assess the future course.

History is to celebrate oneness, unity, harmony, and peace as the two worlds are more than enough to traumatize the upcoming generations.

Painful pasts are future lessons, and it applies to anywhere be it life, study, game, politics, or jobs.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.    

                                                                                             Albert Einstein

 Rules of nature do play an inevitable role in the making of History.

Take the instance of India, one of the oldest civilizations with so many natural diversities, so many diverse issues, and so much contradictory factors, yet it is standing tall just because of a simple Philosophy of ‘amicable, cooperation, respect for humanity and co-existence, connection and cohesion’.

Taking a fine cue, I want to conclude this writing on a good note, notions of the note are to tranquil our conscience, and History is more than pleasing notes and serious stories.

Everyone with a remarkable History should share the same with others, as a dearth of ideas and lack of patience is giving nightmares to the human race. 

Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters.

                                                                                                 African proverb.

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