Commemorate or Celebrate – Hiroshima Day or Friendship Day?

What a coincidence of having too different categorical days on the same day!

One reciprocates with destruction and violence, and the other symbolizes love and respect for humanity.

When someone very dear to me wanted to watch the ‘Oppenheimer’ movie with her, I was wary of watching a movie based on the Nuclear weapon and atomic bomb.

Although the movie didn’t have extensive scenes of the bomb dropping and its impact, I couldn’t make it to the theater to watch the movie.

The world of explosives is itself explosive

Anyone following Gandhi or Martin Luther King can assess the assertive effect on the world.

Both World Wars had hard impacts on the relations among countries. 

Both were turning points for the future course of humanity, civilization, and the environment.

World of explosives –

From Gun powder or Black powder ( invented in ancient China and later formula revealed by Roger Bacon in 1267 CE)  to Gun cotton in 1846 by C.F.Schonbein and then with the discovery of Nitroglycerine in 1862 by Alfred Noble, and then dynamite, the need for explosive started as a constructive purpose and lately, the extent of devastation led to using the same for destructive purposes.

However… Whatever…-

The urge to misuse nuclear explosion technology was more than overwhelming. 

 Humanity went on a toss, and cruelty and power exhibition won the race leading the world to a disastrous place to live in. 

Not going by the epic ‘ Adam and Eve ‘ and taking a cue from the oldest civilizations of the human race that began on a soft note, little we knew that there would come a time when human groups will ask for a peaceful and amicable society, would want a violence-free region, would long for the long-lost kindness and oneness.

According to Wikipedia, there are about 4200 different religions in the world. Religions are all about our ethical practices and faith in some supernatural being/beings. And to the top of it, no religion teaches us to be provocative, violent, and inhumane in our behavior and approach.

Now back to Hiroshima Day, the day of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima that is still haunting not only the people of Hiroshima but the entire world.

Using violence to silence the enemy is the easiest way.

Isn’t it against humanity and the very existence of life on the earth to deny the presence of any kind of supernatural power?

Isn’t it against the concept of making the world a livable and loveable place sans any kind of wildering?

Isn’t it violating the living rights of innocent people?

Isn’t it affecting the idea of co-existence?

Violence in any format is always and anyway avoidable to make this beautiful earth a better and safe place to live in.


to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind.

                                         – UN preamble

This is necessary to read all about the past stories of wars, stories of capturing others’ lands after fighting with the original inhabitants, stories of severe enmity among countries, riots, and massacring, unwanted invasions etcetera to decide our future course to enhance the quality of lives on the earth.

Friendship –

Large protein molecules with their extraordinary configurational sensitivity can be compared with our intra and inter-relationships with each other on this lovely earth, each thread is necessary to maintain and manage the balance of the social strata.

And you know what is the role of friendship it, it increases life values without making any ripples to rip apart humanity and dignity.

Friendship is more about the Friendship bands, rings, and whatnot.

Friendship is beyond any literal limit.

Friendship is about a divine brotherhood built on faith and cooperation.

The two totally different categorical days –

Who doesn’t want a peaceful surroundings?

Who doesn’t want a good work environment sans any fear and hatred?

Who doesn’t want a safe arena for weaker sections of society?

Who doesn’t want a world that is free of any war threat?

Like our cordial relation with our immediate neighbors, we should maintain a cordial relationship with every element of society, it’s the friendship within the world community that we need most at the moment.

Without the essence of unity and harmony, you cannot unite humanity.
Violence in any form is horrific, beyond war zones it is horrifying, the atrocities committed against innocent people are deeply horrifying. The story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still torments humanity.

Riding high on technology and advancement, the need of the hour is to balance nature, natural resources, and the natural habitat of the earth.

We, as responsible world citizen, doesn’t have the privilege to choose between violence and the benevolence as former can make the earth look like a real hell while the latter has the capability to turn the hell into a real paradise.

Love, peace, harmony, and justice – these are sought-after factors to make our existence more pleasant and blessed.

It is a great delusion that noise means power.

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