Respect, Self-respect, Mutual Respect: An Aspect of life perspective

Many times when we stand for ourselves or support our point of view, we often end up termed as ‘selfish’ and when we try to support others, we are labeled as ‘fools’.

There are many such incidents, where we find ourselves in this kind of tricky situation and we can’t even decide to take a proper stand.

Considering today’s transitional period, our emotional health is equally important as physical health.

Dealing with emotional issues, and handling different kinds of emotional struggles is making headlines nowadays.

Serious concerns about uncalled behavior and rude reactions are making us think about the need of respecting the respect all the people around us.

Here is an emotionally thought article to articulate the need to maintain composure while taking care of our dignity and others.

Self-respect –

This is high time for every generation of people in general.

The more we are trying to get ourselves set in our life goals, the more we have to face unpleasant situations affecting our self-esteem and self-confidence.

While trying to be good, we often end up feeling low and drained and this is becoming a reality for everyone.

Anticipation always leads to frustration and sadness and that’s why we have to take care of ourselves to cope with the situations.

We have to guard our dignity and value our existence and should not compromise with anyone at the expense of our poise.

We are liable to ourselves before anything else and this doesn’t mean that we are being mean to others, it means that we respect our individuality which is indeed a necessity for our mental health.

Pleasing everyone every single time is not practical and not even possible in any given circumstances and in due course, we mostly end up hurting our sentiments.

Respecting oneself is not like appeasing the ego, appeasing the urge to put oneself on topmost priority.

It is like giving ample respect to others while taking care of our respect, and our importance, and owning our own space without disturbing the peace of mind of everyone connected.

With the high time of getting offended by the slightest of unfavorable moments, we need more than self-respect and this is mutual respect.

Mutual respect –

We can not see outside what we are not inside.              

                                                                         Swami Vivekananda

Mutual respect is accepting the dignity of all the elements around us irrespective of caste, creed, gender, age, region, and religion and even with the environment and animals, others’ belongings, and all that matters for a cohesive, co-existing arena.

Self-respect can’t go solo and by just solemnizing it, we mean to be mean which is meaningless in this vast meaningful world.

You might disagree with your peer or your partner, you may have another point of view on the same situation, or you may have different measures to tackle a given problem – these all don’t mean that your peer or partner is wrong in their approach.

You have to put aside all your reservations and proceed in an inclusive way to make it viable, valuable, and valid for everyone.

This is called Mutual respect and mutual respect can’t be seen as one’s weakness, it’s our extent of adaptability and acceptability to concurrent situations with utmost care of our integrity.

Workplace and need for mutual respect –

Nobility is a sought-after behavior in any kind of workplace, any kind means any kind, whether it is for corporate offices or at home with house helps, banks or for Panchayat offices, coaching classes or schools, small shops or malls, MNCs or budding startups – there is an expected need of controlled behavior in front of everyone.

Loving oneself and seeking secure privacy is good only when we adore the same for others.

It is the integrity that matters, the amicable work environment that can do wonders for the growth of the companies.

Differences are always here and so are individualities, some people comparatively need more time to accomplish the same work, some need continuous motivation, some want a lone space only, and different kinds of requirements are in sync with the concerned person’s mental and emotional ability and their impromptu thinking power.

Love yourself : 

Loving yourself is more than accepting yourself as an entity and taking yourself to be an efficient driver of your voyage, your path.

Loving yourself is like prioritizing yourself and thus being decent toward everyone else because self-love is a myth without respecting others.

Be kind to yourself and don’t deny negativities around, one can’t simply ward off the negativities, it is life, and as a social entity we are entitled to be there with our peers, our work partners, our family members, and even with our helpers, every single component that is an essential part of our surrounding.

Being respectful –

Being respectful, gentle in your approach, and behaving nicely is a very powerful aspect, and as this is high time that people are just wary of increasing indecent incidents, we must accept the need for a peaceful, harmonious social structure, a duly hemmed humane perspective, a relevant impetus to enjoy humanity, to enjoy oneness, to enjoy the presence of all without disturbing own space.

Conclusion –

Rome was not built in a day…. But they were laying bricks every hour.

                                                                                                       John Haywood

No one can preach how to behave, no guide can tell you how to be somber, no book can make you a scholar, life itself is imperfect and any angles that you are trying to make is not going to be perfect from another point of views, so stop worrying about the speculations and criticisms and be a human first.

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