Career options, Choices, Natural Capability, and Pressure from divergent people:

Torn future and Wasted potential of human resource

Career puzzle is one of the sharpest problems for every upcoming generation.

Many children who are aware of their abilities work accordingly.

Many children who are unsure about their future courses rely on their peers.

Many start slow but groom themselves on time and don’t miss the bus.

Many start with thumping positive results but can’t continue the same longer.

There are instances of children who are never sure of the direction since the beginning, thus losing the momentum of life choices despite having potential.

There are examples of famous personalities who budged because of family pressure. But later, they switched to their desired field. 

Some hidden talents are too introverted or shy to come forward.

Money is also a factor in pursuing an expensive hobby as your profession.

There are many examples here and there to elaborate on the need for a proper support system for budding talents who dream of a great start but sometimes fail to evaluate the input-output ratio comprehensively.

Here, there is no need to emphasize the discrimination faced by different groups of society for reasons that are too unreasonable and unfair.

Yes, as a species, we evolved, but as an entity, we are the sole entity to impose threats to our existence.

From primitive race to present- a journey 

Our planet provides us with ample resources, and as the world community, we may have utilized the same for the betterment of lives in the world.

At the same time, with immense mental power, thinking ability, impeccable computational prowess, and whatnot, we came out as rulers of this planet.

We can’t describe the differences between the lifestyles of primitive humans and today’s humans in a few words.

It proves our geniuses. We are always thinking of doing something new, something unique. Mysteries motivate us more than they can scare us. 

Nothing stopped us in our journey of progress, which started as cave-dwellers, and now some of us are buying plots on the moon.

Our journey is brimming with many silent milestones that define our existence, shape our lives, and deliver unprecedented transformations to the planet.

Freedom to Choose your way of life –

The above discussion shows that we all have different mindsets, points of view, and mental impetus that signifies our individuality.

We have a fair share of Veda, Purana, mythology, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, and everything else.

We have had enough of celibacy. We have seen both simple and extravagant lifestyles.

Our expertise and knowledge were way ahead of our time.

Be it Mathematics, Astronomy, Science, Medicine, Architecture, Art, Music, Ayurveda, Literature, Archery, Wrestling, – India has her particularly singular version of knowledge.

Even today, Indians hold top positions in world-level institutions, and this signifies our talent, our mantra of rearing talent with the utmost care, and our instinctive urge to give a deserving space to all budding talents.

It's not about the career or earning for a living, the potential of human resources are wasted when we don't create job opportunities for them.

But does this always happen?

Many talents couldn’t see the light of day, and ultimately, they got buried deep in the abyss of time – this is one of the saddest and harshest realities.

Guidance and counseling for the children are not enough if their talents become a victim of neglect.

Commercialization of education is also distorting the situation without a proper reason.

Many meritorious kids suffer meticulously because of the faulty system.

In a time of tough competition, unless you have a remarkable talent and stable support, you should have a go-along plan for your career.

When life gives you lemons, don’t just try to make lemonade. Instead, you can go for other uses of lemons.

Life stories of many successful persons are good testimony of their resilience, perseverance, great adaptability, flexibility in approach, and a simple habit of seeing the bright side even in the dark phase.

Preachers also have their days of trouble.

Every life coach, Psychiatrist, Counselor, Teacher, Guide, Career Planner, Advisor, and silent supporter in the guise of your parents walks through a zigzag path, sometimes going nowhere even after too much effort.

Remember – Everything that is picture-perfect now must have experienced a rigorous process.

Lemonade has a short shelf life, so it is settling down without considering your potential, talent, and ability.

Hard work is irreplaceable. Talent is also irreplaceable. Every person is unique in its way.

Not everyone can learn without experiencing some setbacks. One should not be discouraged by any kind of failure.

Acquiring several prevalent skills for unexpected situations will work wonders for your career planning.

It’s not equivalent to risking your ambition. It will give you a divergent direction to your wings of aspirations.

Pressure is not always the villain. It works magically in your progress.

Dreams are meant to show you the path that you ignore out of ignorance.

Criticism from parents, teachers, and peers is a positive warning to some extent because they may have gone through all this difficulty and are aware of the consequences.

Stay focused. Stay motivated. Stay on point with your aim. Stay updated. Stay poised. Stay positive.

Life is too precious to be taken otherwise.

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