Women in India : An incredible journey sans credit.


From the liberal Vedic era to the contemporary regressive era,we actually regressed in every other parameter when it comes to women folk of our beloved country,where we have a number of revered hymns for the female population.

Go with details or ignore the details,in any scenario,in any arena,women are supposed to be empowered for a healthy social structure.

But the real question of reality will prompt serious influx of thoughts,be it the case of our honored female wrestlers,or an innocent eleven years old Siwan girl married to a some forty three years old man,or the gruesome murders of many girls after commiting rape with them.

Women empowerment and Us

Yes,we as responsible citizens of the world’s largest democracy,we have to ensure the safety and security for the women – Honourable Supreme court of India while delivering some kind of judgment in favor of women.

With 48.55 % of total population,India ranks 122 among 190 countries in gender equality parameters.

In the Global Gender Gap Index for 2022,India has been ranked at 135 out of 146 countries.

Data that are worrisome

India being the largest populous country with 1401.8 million people,we can naturally expect a better position for the women folk that accounts for 48.5% of the total population.

Leaving behind the expectations and going with different stats,India is being too rude and mean for her women and girl children.

With 11% share in national parliament and 10% in national ministerial positions,with below 25% of female labor force,and many top positions meant for women and actually occupied by men,the real picture is more saddening than to express in words.

The curious case of women and Indian society

India is the country where girl child is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and also,India is the country where female infanticides are on rise despite of many provisions in law against such crimes.

India is the country where females are flag bearers of many traditional arts and also,India is the country where females are subjected to unnecessary judgements and atrocities.

India is the country where females are the support systems for the communities and also,India is the same place where communities make them scapegoats.

Protecting women rights

With women empowerment at toss,India is lagging behind many small countries and the worst is yet to come.

This worst will only deteriorate the health of a beautiful society where everyone feels dignified and safe.

It’s important to safeguard the women community for the sound health of society.

Emphasis should be given to ensure proper education to the female child and a check on the gender discrimination will be helpful for the purpose for sure.


Gone are the days when women used to rely on elders and even younger male family members for their tiniest life decisions.

Gone are the days when women themselves choose to keep mum on the atrocities they were facing.

Gone are the days when parents were biased towards their male child.

The more we try to summarize the plights of our women folk,the more we feel the dire need for raising the norms to make a harmonious society.

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