Accidents due to Road Rage cases: The Rise of Intolerance and Indecency in Public

Violent behavior down the steering gear.

Data regarding road rage cases in India is more than terrifying.

Yesterday when Kaushal, a novice in driving along with his driving instructor with a bold red L on both window panes of his car trying to cross a very busy crossing and was about to hit the next vehicle, the instructor politely said, ”No, sir, take care, its Delhi. You have to be extra careful. If your car gets scratched, it doesn’t matter but the moment another car/vehicle gets even a minor scratch, the person from another vehicle will show his worst side without any hesitation.”

Angry young people or angry old people irrespective of gender stereotypes, there is a disheartening spike in anger being displayed in public places.

Reason behind being unreasonable

We often say that a smile begets a smile but seldom we say that anger begets anger.

Not many people will accept that they have anger issues but the stats regarding anger is exposing the lies.

About 40% of women show anger in public places as per the latest data whereas the male percentage is unexpectedly lower at 27%.

Frustration, anxiety, depression and increasing cases of intolerance are major reasons behind the rising cases of being unreasonable.

The road rage cases in India can be connected with increasing hatemongering too.

The instinct to quarrel is quite normal, and in anger, we just try to forge humanity, we fail to assess the probable loss because of anger, we simply forget that everyone may have a family waiting for their return.

Rage is somehow different from anger. When you are just angry you are able to assess the situation but in a fit of rage is dangerous for all involved in brawl.

Going against stats

Anywhere you drive, anywhere means in any state of India, intolerant people are making the driving experience worse, the explicit language, facial expression actions and reactions tell it all about the alarming rise of indecent behavior while steering.

The horn honking by these kinds of intolerant people without thinking about the inconvenience of other commuters or nearby school or hospital, the counter reaction is even worse.

Jumping the traffic lights, ignoring the basic traffic rules, being in haste without thinking about the importance of disciplined behavior in public, expressing anger in any circumstances, and giving a bad look to those who object to the wrong conduct – road rage cases are becoming nightmarish.

Irrational behavior: irreparable loss – Road to despair

Ignoring the road safety rules, ignoring the time-to-time directives, ignoring the appeals, ignoring the stricter traffic laws, India witnessed around 5 million of road rage cases in 2021 which is alarmingly high.

Victims of road rage cases may be the sole earning member of his/ her family or something like this and anything unnecessary that costs someone’s life is avoidable at any cost.


Distraught over the rising road rage cases, anyone can assess the concern regarding mental health issues, the increasing unemployment, domestic violence, even minor shuffles irritates the persons ,even slightest reason is enough to instigate unrest.

Unruly conduct is avoidable and everybody knows this yet they lose their very easily.

The more the development is, the number of vehicles plying in and around the cities increases and the more traffic rush leads to losing control without thinking about the consequences.

Traffic police departments should arrange workshops for the awareness of mental well being and CCTV should be installed at every traffic light point .

We can never ignore the mutual respect towards each other while in public, time is important but life is more important. Road rage cases are one of the reasons for unfortunate deaths and that affects a whole family who might have lost its sole bread-earning member.

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