Love,  Love Day, Valentine’s Day – Err Valentine’s Week

A few good years ago, when India had just opened her door for foreign direct investment, the immense marketing and sales opportunities for the investment players went all over the roofs, and Indians, especially people of backward areas, got to know many items, and things that they were still watching on their television sets.

Yep, I am true to my words. Many young people of this generation are still unaware of this revolution. The newness in the market seeped through the drowsy mindset of Indians immediately, and yes, sheer curiosity was one of the main reasons.

One of my cousins was getting married during this period. She was engaged just fifteen days before Valentine’s Day. 

Her fiance started calling her on the landline phone. It was Valentine’s Day, an all-new concept in India by then.

But at the same time, it was still old India, the country famous for the eternal love saga, the mesmerizing love stories, the soothing love songs, and poems.

It was the same old India, where talking about love was not considered ethical.

It was the same old India, where many things were still taboo, and expressing love in front of family members was strictly prohibited.

Back to the budding love story of my cousin, it is hard to explain the fun part of the telephone call.

Her elder brothers were like, ‘ How he dared?’

Her grandmother started smiling, and her mother defended her brand new SIL for his dare act by saying, ‘ Let them talk.’  ‘ It’s Love Day.’ ‘Ohho, they are getting married in a couple of months.’

It was ridiculously hilarious that no one was leaving the room.

My cousin started the conversation reluctantly, but when she saw her softly smiling grandmother and her father trying to overhear, she immediately hung up.

The week from 7th February to 14th February is now considered a love festival for new-age couples.

  • 7th February – Rose Day
  • 8th February – Propose Day
  • 9th February – Chocolate Day
  • 10th February – Teddy Day
  • 11th February – Promise Day
  • 12th February – Hug Day
  • 13th February – Kiss Day
  • 14th February – Valentine’s Day

The last one is like the wrap-up day of the beautiful week celebrating love, passion, romance, commitment, dedication, fidelity, attachment, and beautiful feelings of togetherness.

This specific phase of your life is associated with the adornment of love and affection with loved ones. Unfortunately, India has always shied away from the feelings of love. Though we have a rich literature based on love, we have temples celebrating physical love and visual arts in the form of dance dedicated to love. And above all, we are the largest country in terms of population.

In the nick hour of increasing instances of hatred among communities across the boundaries and within the territories, there are concerns for the new-age couples to stay safe. 

For all the obvious reasons in society in the date, there is much ado to tell about the importance of love.

  • Love is not always about physical attraction. 
  • Love is not always associated with Gen-Z people.
  • Love is not spending beyond your capability. 
  • Love is not a feeling to put on hold because of any fear.
  • Love is not an alignment.
  • Love is not an obligation.
  • Love is not about aggression or deception.
  • Love is not about following the lines already drawn by others.
  • Love is not always magical. It may be practical and relaxing.
  • Love is not about creating tension between individuals.
  • Love is not about harming people when it turns into failure.
  • Love is not about suspicion or doubts without knowing the other side.
  • Love is not a one-sided affair.
  • Love is the promise and not about compromising the individual identity and integrity.
  • Love is not about demeaning the existence of others.
  • Love is about the pursuit of happiness.

In toto, Love is inexplicable. We have so many artworks, visual art, and literature dedicated to love in every region of the world.

Love is what we should cherish in every phase of our life.

The feeling of love is so deep that no one can deny feeling it at any stage of life.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not confined to the business of MNCs or petty roadside shopkeepers.

Valentine’s Day is the jubilation of love without making a burn in your pocket.

 And, at last, my cousin and her husband are still subjected to funny humor about their first-ever Valentine’s Day.

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