Unemployment and India :  the aftermath of loss of steady income.

According to the data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy –

In December, 2023, unemployment for youth aged 25-29 was the highest in almost 4 years, at 15.5%.

For youth aged 20-24, unemployment rate hit a new peak of 45.5%.

The rise in unemployment levels across different age groups is deeply grim. Just Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is not enough to check this severe joblessness among the country’s youth.

Employment and just a job

After a certain period ,after your fundamental stint with education, after you are ready to upgrade your own way of life by being financially independent – you desperately search for a steady job with regular and sure income.

Education : A verified system to enable you in getting a earning

Our policy makers envisioned the need of a balanced education, job creation and equal opportunities to the youths of the country.

An initiative to implement the policies to establish industries, to provide appropriate skill based education to our youth to make them employable, to take care of influx of demand and supply gap and to sustain in the world level post hard-earned independence.

Policy makers in current scenario –

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the willpower of the current government to provide job opportunities to young people of India.

With concerning data of India surpassing China in being the largest populous country, India is lagging with about 53 million unemployed people in 2021.

The data of 1428 million population is mid-year of 2023 and the data of unemployed youth is of 2021.

Of course, unemployment is on its worst rise as there is another data of more than 2 lakh employees who lost their jobs in 2023 and it is only June of this year, the third month of this financial year.

Is that our youths are unemployable?

As a bonafide citizen of a country, young people not only need a stable job to feed themselves but this is required for the sound health of the financial and economic condition of the country too.

Policy makers will be at fault if they are slashing the education budget and then they themselves justify the high rate of unemployment to ineligibility of youth.

Lack of teachers, in fact well educated and well trained teachers are needed without whom there will not be any conclusive and inclusive result regarding the quality of students, their magnitude of knowledge and acquaintance in their expertise.

Right and duties go together –

It is the young generation’s right to demand a quality education only then they will be able to perform their duty properly.

This right-duty balance indeed will lead to a balanced social structure beside making an apt financial and economic stratum.

Data that are too debatable

In 2022, about 1.6 lakh workers lost their jobs.

The scariest data is during the second wave of Covid-19 in 2021 when almost 10 million (100 lakh) people lost their jobs.

In 2020,the unfortunate outbreak of Covid-19 as pandemic, the Centre for Monitoring of Indian economy (CMIE) showed that around 122 million people lost their jobs within two months of the financial year.

And this is on top of a proposed promise by the NDA government in 2014 to provide 20 million jobs every year in India.

The sad reality of rebuking the poll promise –

The 20 million jobs promised every year and the first six years of ruling by the NDA government and 9 million people lost their regular jobs proving the poll promise was a mere gimmick.

Disturbing data of suicides –

With a shocking data of about 3.07 lakhs people resorting to suicide in the Covid-19 years 2020 and 2021 and this was highest after 1967.

At 41 in suicide rate in world , India is sitting on a possible volcano mainly because of the lack of jobs and even more precisely lack of willingness from governments to genuinely provide jobs via fair means.

Verifying the varied kinds of unemployment written in our old books

The hovering horrifying unemployment situations in India in recent years are results of unplanned mismanaged inhumane policies.

It is like promising a ton and then delivering a nanogram. 

It is like a false ceiling over a fake ceiling just to conceal the inept policies.

It is like drifting away from the concept of a people’s government.

Normal vacancies – Where? How? When?

Normal vacancies means teachers jobs, jobs in army, navy and air forces, jobs in railways and govt enterprises, jobs in banking sectors, jobs in infrastructures, jobs in govt owned institutions – these are few to name where few years ago there were always notifications published in newspapers to be filled.

And now, there are no regular vacancies, there is nothing like a pay scale for temporary employees, and the consolidated pay is too feeble even though there are lakhs of aspiring candidates in a short call.

Harsh reality or inability of our respected policy makers –

Lack of willpower and transparency in providing jobs to millions of unemployed youths ( India recorded the worst low in unemployment as per data by CMIE.

The World Bank and  World Economic Forum are issuing advisory to the Indian government but there is a total lull there.

Conclusion –

It is hard to conclude on a good note when you are totally aware of the worst grim situations.

Can you imagine from a fast growing economy in the world in 2011-12 to our inclusion in the list of underdeveloped economies, is it what we had dreamt of just a few years ago?

Who is going to suffer?

Answer is – every single person of our beloved country irrespective of caste, creed, gender, community and faith.

I don’t mean any forecast to sound skeptical, but there is a lot that a people’s government can do for the betterment of the country by creating job opportunities for them with a keen view on Economy and Finance of the country.

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