Crying – Why should it be normalized to cry?

I cried because my mother beat me, and again, I cried because my mother rebuked me for not stopping crying, and then my brother, who was boohooing for the same reason, stopped crying as soon as my mother reminded him that it didn’t suit boys to cry.

It was once a scene of every household in India. However, over time, this perception became thinner than ever.

Leaving behind telling about the stigma against crying of sigma males, I am concentrating on the wholehearted Analogy, Psychology, and clash of different human instincts related to Crying.

Recent studies anonymously say about the changing perception of exhibiting our emotional side.

Here are many issues that we are handling now. Issues that our forefathers never dreamed of, matters resulting from development, increasing competition, enhancing our wish for more physical comfort, soaring ambitions topped up with jealousy, and upgraded expectations from elders and peers.

Yes, as a parent, I don’t like tears on my offspring’s face. But at the same time, when they have a solid reason to express themselves by crying, don’t try to disrupt their emotional outbursts.

Allowing them to stay in their space when they find it hard to cope with adverse situations, our silent but efficient efforts are enough to comfort them.

Why should we cry?

It’s the kind of situation that makes us cry.

  • Today may not be easy and expected. 
  • We don’t have the resources to support our goal. 
  • We don’t have the luxury of better choices. 
  • People can’t see your goodness, and they intentionally ignore it. 
  • People are taking advantage of your cooperative nature.
  • It seems distressing to handle unyielding situations. 
  • There is a lack of a proper platform for the objective, and you can’t muster the courage to go ahead as per the conceived plan.
  • The extremely privileged take advantage of opportunities. 
  • Your peer group may be unworthy. 
  • Being introverted, you shy away from your feelings. 
  • You are true to your words. 
  • You may have been through a traumatic past. 
  • Some bad financial conditions. 
  • Someone in the family is seriously ill, and you are broke with fears of losing a dear one.
  • You are facing some kind of harassment. 
  • Some familiar faces in your circle question your ability and make a mockery of it. 
  • You couldn’t get a decent job according to your capability and qualifications. 
  • You are feeling hopeless about the future discourse. 
  • You are in a baffling situation, and there is no way to escape.
  • You are an emotional person, and any denial reaction makes you sad.
  • You couldn’t make it to what you had planned for.
  • Failure despite serious efforts makes us cry.
  • Despite being honest about your vision, you are facing rejection one after another.
  • Vis-à-vis, you are surrounded by people who are not happy for your rise, and this makes you sad and disappointed for your folks.

Crying is normal. Don't hide tears. Cutting onions is ok. Playing 'hide and seek' with emotions will only confuse your mind.

Why shouldn’t we cry?

After much ado, we know that sad and happy tears are vital for our emotional, mental, and physical health.

We usually cry when we get some ecstatic outcomes. Or we come out as a winner despite difficulties. Whatever, life itself is a panorama of multi-dimensional circumstances, and we just sway with the direction of the wind, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes knowingly.

Grievances and happiness are two sides of a coin. As an entity that feels and expresses all the sentiments and happenings through both silent and spoken methods, it exhibits a subtle balance of heart and brain while proceeding with the circumstances. It sometimes shows strong determination in detrimental conditions. Humans are known for their extreme flexibility, elasticity, mental strength, superb wisdom, and adjustment power. 

Struggles are real, and asking for more is natural to us. Simple contentment can make our mind and body passive, affecting our brainpower adversely. Dreams are also important, and unlike our forefathers’ advice, Daydreams are also crucial as they tend to our capabilities in times of heavy competition.

When we win over our insecurities, dilemmas, doubts, failures, judgments of other people, and dogmatic peers, we earn a reason to cry with relief.

We resort to crying when we feel euphoric and happy by the favorable moments. 

While crying with happiness, our bodies feel pleasant and stress-free. It happens because the inner joy escalates the release of Neurotransmitters, namely Leucine enkephalin, which acts as a painkiller and catharsis.

Oxytocin is released when you cry, which helps you feel calm and okay.

Endorphins released with crying help relieve the physical and emotional pain.

Little do we accept that we have a few people around us who are always busy with their tactical mind games, while some are too sadistic that they deny any positive vibes from the end. Some attention seekers opt to cry for the purpose, whereas some people are so genuine and sensitive that they can weep with the slightest stimulation. The ‘crocodile tears’ can deceive anyone for sure.

But overall, every person is a born warrior until the situations, problems, and challenges make the person a worrier.

It takes courage to cross the crest of the wave of life. 

And, yes – 

Crying is vital.

Crying is empathy for oneself.

Crying soothes the soul.

Crying is not a sign of any kind of mental or physical weakness.

Crying is not an awkward reaction.

There are tears of joy besides tears of sadness, and when your eyes well up, don’t try to hide them. Life is very precious and by not enjoying present moments, we are ruining the moments of tomorrow.

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