New, Newer – New Year – What’s New?

Year after year, and now we are in the first week of the year 2024, and still, we assume that there may be something new in this new year without considering the enormous challenges we are carrying forward without attending them.

The subtle secret of ignoring the real problems and advocating positivity is still the same; without admitting it, we feel pride in showing it.

So, what’s new in a new year?

Still on the fence about what’s new in the new year, I am currently encapsulating the concept of New Year celebrations amid the contradiction of failed resolutions of the past year and getting a fresh list of new proposed plans for the brand new year.

Scams and cronies are a reality. False promises by honorable lawmakers are a reality. Never-ending pressure from inter- and intra-quarters is also a reality. 

Diverse diverging problems like dreaded diseases, misuse of biochemicals, nuclear holocaust, food scarcity, authoritarian governments, severe pollution, climate changes, overpopulation, and voluntary violation of the existing treaties by powerful countries – detrimental factors are in every nook and corner in the entire world.

Building on the above points, I am now focusing on the other side of the story. 

Earlier, I simply wrote about the pessimistic side of the present society, and that’s why It took me so long to write. I have a certain kind of notion of a well-grown-up society, and any anti makes me sad to the core.

Every passing year teaches us something about the challenges coming our way in the upcoming year.

The world is a unique theater, and only humans have the power to add more drama in a simple situation to make it look like a million-bug inhabitable planet.

So what’s new for us?

One of my friends just visited me and told me about her New Year’s resolutions. Even my daughter said that she will try her hand at painting this year. And, for me, the plan for this new year is to be the same person I am.

I don’t know what my readers have in mind while making sure to make the New Year promises.

The world is bursting with surprising elements. In toto, we are bound to fulfill all our commitments towards ourselves and all humanity.  

The world is all ours, and the human race has witnessed a lot of evolution processes, several renaissance, several wake-up calls, many senseless mistakes, several milestones, many happy moments, and even several disastrous natural calamities, including pandemics.

Although we are still going through the learning phase to cope with the massive challenges on our way, we never shy away from doing charity, we never shy away from being in our element, we never drift away from the idea of humility, equality, faith and our own areas of excellence.

Sweet are the uses of diversity. 

                                               – William Shakespeare.

People simply forgo their diverse problems by simply going with their old habits, by going with the flow of the trend, sometimes they go against their intrinsic will to achieve something that they envision and sometimes hesitate too much to follow certain directions – this is the simple prediction of totally unpredictable human life on this planet and yep, we have reasons to celebrate every new thing.

Let’s hope and pray for the betterment of the world community this leap year.

With all the 366 days, and one after another, let’s pray that humanity prevails in this year.

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