Life is not always about Impasse. Don’t give up – Life is a living process.

World Suicide prevention day,2023

Life is a lovely and happening process. There are more pleasant surprises for you than a few bad happenings.

When you have some detrimental attitude towards all the happenings around you, you tend to set a negative narrative for some positive aspects. You tend to see ongoing incidents with a preoccupied mindset.

The word ‘Suicide’ itself is traumatic, and everyone knows it. Opting to harm oneself just because you can’t stand unfavorable situations – Suicide is the extreme step where the culprit and victim are the same person, and sufferers, in the end, are the near and dear ones.

Is it easy to write about the topic?  

No. When I zeroed in on this topic and started reading about the same, I requested my family members to give me ample time. This topic is sensitive, and I tried my best to write without affecting my mental peace.

Many latest news from Kota, Rajasthan, the hub of students preparing for their medical or engineering entrance examinations, disturbed my conscience.

Amidst too many negative vibes, I managed to maintain my composure to summarize my thoughts on this sensitive topic.

Probable reasons for Suicides- ( I wrote at midnight, and I am not a person who burns midnight lamps. ) –

These reasons may not be conclusive, but these are the reasons that can prompt a person to take his or her life in a go.

Encountering the bad experiences of life –

Overcoming is not easy-

The dark phase in our lives doesn’t mean that we are entering a dark cave. It may be like a tunnel, sometimes an endless-looking tunnel.

But with patience, perseverance, prayer, persistent efforts, and persuasion, we can pass through the whole dark phase.

I know a student who performed poorly in her JEE mains exams a few years back and was devastated by her shattered dreams.  

Her mother and her mother’s friends came to her rescue, and due to their cumulative efforts, she came out of depression, and now she is doing a good job in an MNC.

We have instances of senior officers who were poor in academics in their student life, but they came out as winners after putting in sincere efforts and snubbing the negativities and their fear of failure.

These examples are not fictitious and made up.

Going through the statistics on mental health, depression, and suicide, one can assume that the problem is more than serious.

According to data from the government portal, in 2021, India reported the highest number of suicides globally, with about 25% of men and about 36% of women in the 15-39 age group.

Worldwide per year, almost 800000 people die by suicide which is very alarming.

An appeal, A request –

Self-harming is not easy, though. It takes a lot of courage, sleepless nights, and planning.

Fear of getting caught or unsuccessful try will be there too.

And then think about the plights of your near and dear ones after your untimely departure.

The social stigma and forever distress in their lives because of such a cowardly step of suicide will make their lives more miserable.

With the same courage, planning, and exertion, when applied in the right direction and with strong momentum,  you will be able to live your life peacefully and contently.

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