International Day Of Peace, 21st September 2023: Coming together for a better tomorrow

International Day of Peace.

Our world needs peace – now more than ever.

Yet conflict, rising inequalities, persistent injustices, humanity’s war on nature, and a global financial system that is outdated, dysfunctional, and unfair, are blocking the path to peace.

Peace is not only a noble vision for humanity. Peace is a call to action.

-Antonio Guterres, UN General Secretary.

Started as a UN General Assembly resolution in 1981 to devote a day, the third Tuesday of September 1981 to commemorate and strengthen the idea of peace among countries, 2001 this was changed to Annual Celebration Day on the 21st of September each year.

Being a global citizen, we must have to choose peace over war. The more brouhaha with development, inventions, and reaching out to new horizons, the more we miss a serene environment.

The concern is directly or indirectly about humanity, humility, and co-existence.

Starting as a primitive human race living in caves, wearing animal hides and tree leaves, eating raw animals and fruits, and here are days when we are attending AI-based debates of whatnot about our attire, food, and lifestyles.

Interesting, right?

The extent of power comes from having a stronghold in superpower machinery, superb human resources, a plethora of atomic weapons, and an unjustifiable urge to reign the world.

Peace –

Peace is more than the simple mental status. It is more than the cessation of war-like situations between two nations or a group of countries.

  • Peace is not just about stopping unrest, riots, rivalry, avenge, and revenge.
  • Peace is not about maintaining a lull during international summits.
  • Peace is not just about respecting international borders, and control lines.
  • Peace is not just maintaining a status quo between nations.

Peace is invaluable for innocent citizens who unknowingly and unwillingly find themselves amidst heavy gunshots, sudden violent activities, and intrinsically catalyzed massacres.

War leads to destruction, mayhem, and demolished inter- and intra-relationships between two nations or groups of nations.

Much before colonialism, there were invasions to other countries to loot wealth and prosperity, but these invaders used to return to their native places.

Colonialism was worst as it systematically destroyed the statehood.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

                                                                            Martin Luther King Jr.

Why we don’t need war?

There are seven continents in the world, and 193 countries are in the world in the UN list.

There are about 4,000 religions and several races with different distinguishable features in the world.

The history of the civilized world goes back to 4000-3500 BCE in Mesopotamia.

Since, then the so-called civilized society has gone through several wars, civil wars, two world wars, and several other wars affecting the demography and humanity badly.

Expansionism, Imperialism, and Colonialism – These tendencies by powerful nations in the past, and even in present times have affected the idea of humanism, harmony, and homogeneity alarmingly.

Ask citizens of war-affected nations, and you will be left in a state of dismayed overflowing emotions, no matter which country you belong to.

This is reality and rallying over weapon hoarding and ultra-modern weapon display only leads to a highly anticipated toxic chain reaction for the same.

If you can’t love, please don’t spread hatred.-

In a nick hour of several threats to the earth’s existence itself, how can we ruthlessly plan to destroy the equilibrium of all the elements that we should revere?

There is so much to do except concentrate on displaying military power, nuclear weapons, war tanks, missiles, and fighter aircraft, and also engaging a large population to fulfill the expansionistic acumen.

Peace is vital for the meaningful existence of human beings.

Living in a refugee colony, having no excess of quality of life, and still feeling danger in life itself- this is not what we should opt for.

This is not what our upcoming generation deserves.

This is not what our religion vies for.

We suffer a lot because of any kind of injudicious unrest, and to remind everyone concerned about our entitled earth, here are natural calamities that add to our woes besides life-threatening diseases that devastate the balance further.

Don’t we deserve a placid serene earth?

On this International Day of Peace, ( It was started as a treaty of observing 24 hours of Non-violence and Cease-fire.), we must acknowledge the severity of war, and at the same time, the necessity of having a war-free world.

Our natural resources, our present, our future, and, overall, the phenomenon of this beautiful earth requires carefully crafting hands with a rear view of the past and a keen accountability of the future.

By not writing the plights of war-affected common people, I genuinely plead to the world’s noted leaders to work for the concept of ‘ One Earth, One Family, One Future’.

By choosing peace, we mean to behave meaningfully, rationally, and honestly as a bonafide world citizen, and it simply starts with being respectful to all factors including race, religion, region, faith, caste, creed, gender, and economic condition.

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