The Vision of India @ 3023: Is it needed?

Unnecessary Publicity, Uncalled Hype.

One of my relatives once advised me to take steps or decisions after looking into the future.

The simple notion was to avoid any kind of future friction with whatever we have decided now.

In our younger days, we got advice from our elders to work by looking at the future. However, the serene advice was about our education and career decisions to make our life happy and stable.

It is normal to us, our history testimonies about this kind of positive attitude about the future.

Having a tactical crystal clear vision to enjoy life on a good note can be attributed to our positive attitude and behavior.

There are instances of saving money by strangling some of our wishes and desires.

There are instances of selling some ancestral properties to survive in adverse conditions.

There are instances of opting not to go extravagant to keep a check on the expenses.

Our elders used to gift us earthen piggy banks, and the feeling of filling the same still excites us.

The savings and urge to save for the future is what we learned from our elders.

We often share personal experiences.

Yes, we do it, we get this as an inheritance, and no one can deny it.

A vision of a brighter future –

Old habits die hard. 

It is natural for us to picturise whatever we want in life and what kind of effort we should put into making our future brighter.

There are a lot of things that you have to do with a keen eye on its future course.

Dream translates into thoughts, and thoughts translate into action.

                                                                            APJ Abdul Kalam

In 1998, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir and co-author Y.S. Rajan offered a blueprint of ideas and suggestions to make India one of the top five major economic powers in 2020.

Yep, the immaculate scientist had a clear vision regarding this objective.

Many years ago, at the time of our first general elections in 1951 and then the first ‘Five- year planning’ to reestablish the country’s pride, everything started at that time synergistically with dedication and perseverance as we didn’t have adequate human resources and skilled people.

And we achieved the unthinkable by the dawn of the 21st century.

Targeting the objective in a stipulated time –

You can fix an aim, you can make a wish to reach a particular point in a said period, you may have plenty of resources around you to make your dream true, or you just have some invisible supports instead of resources – in any case, the goal can be achieved only by willful planning.

Planning to proceed ahead is inevitable.

Planning is vital to be in the race for development.

Proper planning in a positive manner, Proper planning to figure out the outcome in proportion to the output, proper planning to take care of past efforts and failures – every single bit of the journey is significant for all the obvious reasons.

The utmost factor for successful planning is adaptability, accountability, ability, and tenacity with a generous aim to serve humanity.

Predictions often fall flat.

Looking for perfection in the work sometimes harms the equilibrium.

To make your plan work, put in the right amount of cohesive and inclusive effort.

Challenges and problems in due course can be tiresome. 

Sheer perseverance and righteous intent, clarity in planning, honest use of power and energy, and caring about the surrounding elements and not ignoring the balance – can’t we ask these from our policymakers?

Brimming talks versus Grim situations –

As per a report released by Lokniti-CSDS, just 6% of youth in India are in government jobs.

With about 51% identified unemployment in current reports, how can anyone expect a blooming India with such gloomy conditions of inflation, poverty, compromise of education, and overall selling of government-owned companies?

Isn’t it a lack of empathy, lack of insight, lack of goodwill for your own country?

It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.

                                                                                      GK Chesterton

Not opting for an instant conclusion, one can assess the whole situation, and when the current government aims for a third term, the main hurdle is to get rid of the ‘Oneness’ policy, as India can’t be categorized in a single frame, there are many facets of India, and this is a fact indeed.

The Vision of a Prosperous India –

India is a multi-dimensional country, and there is no place for hatred and impetus for public behavior in India.

The ‘Unity in Diversity’ slang is real, the harmonious ecosystem is real, and the true essence of India is her power of endurance and adaptability.

Any sort of disturbance in a calm and composed environment may leave the country in a difficult situation that is avoidable from the core.

We don’t need a strenuous vision for the year 3030, ( for all the practical reasons), We just need to care for the present with a keen eye for a bright future. We need a crystal clear vision to lead our country to new horizons.

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