Motherland India

                                Crying in silence

                                 In desolation, 

                                 In dismay

                                 Alone, torn and exhausted

                                 Wondering about my mistakes

                                 Wondering about my upbringing

                                 Wondering about the scarcity of 

                                 My dedicated people

                                 Wondering about a few

                                 Forgetful and Thankless people

                                 Who are drifting away from the 

                                 The essence of hard-fought freedom

                                 Those dreams of a Free India

                                 The dreams of incredible India

                                 The dreams of a prosperous India

                                  Phenomenal dreams, 

                                  Spectacular endeavor

                                  And now!

                                  Where am I standing now?

                                  My people

                                  Amazing folk

                                  With magical diverse

                                  Backgrounds, still

                                  Living in serene unison

                                  How can my offspring

                                  Fight with each other?

                                  How and Why?

                                  Praying for motherland 

                                  Is turning into preying 

                                  Own folk, Why?

                                  The heritage

                                  The legacy

                                  The Saga of Oneness

                                  And, now –

                                  Whom I can plead to

                                  Stop dividing my folk

                                  Whom I can appeal to

                                  ‘Live and let others live.’

                                   At last, everything else is

                                   Just fragile, just momentary

                                   Nothing is permanent

                                   No one is imperishable

                                   Yet, why –

                                   Why everyone is too busy

                                   To tend my wounds

                                   The urge of patriotism

                                   The urge for the betterment of


                                   The urge of humanity

                                   The urge of being soulful

                                   And now-a-days –

                                   Why power hunger is

                                   Overpowering patriotism

                                   Why ‘I’ is dominating

                                   Over ‘We’ and ‘Us’

                                   After seventy-six years 

                                   Of precious freedom,

                                   After seventy-five years 

                                   Of Gandhi assassination

                                  After seventy-four years 

                                  Of Constitutional Republic


Why political ambitions are

bigger than the

gratitude for the

revered motherland.

                                  I am again waiting for 

                                  A renaissance

                                  My re-birth

                                  My dignity restored

                                  Let me see, how much 

                                  Time will it take

                                  And I know, I’ve been

                                  Blessed with amazingly

                                  Nice and grateful people.

                                  Yep, I am hoping and praying

                                  For the best.

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